Listlessly [adverb]

Definition of Listlessly:

casually, unhurriedly

Synonyms of Listlessly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Listlessly:

Sentence/Example of Listlessly:

Then he handed the bursting envelope of notices to Diotti, who listlessly put them on the table at his side.

Dazzled by the more lavish gifts, she looked listlessly and disdainfully at bodkins, three for twopence.

In a short time she resumed her customary tasks, but coughed incessantly and moved about slowly and listlessly.

There was a mighty slab of black rock, which the waves lapped listlessly, at one side of the river pool.

The lady sat upon the soft divan listlessly, hardly so much as rustling her dress.

He had been waiting in the porch for some time back, and Esther had been listlessly standing by his side.

Francesca took her breakfast in bed, and came listlessly into the sitting-room at ten o'clock, looking like a ghost.

The bit of garment fluttered listlessly away to the same distance, and then—vacancy.

I had sat there listlessly, sketching and musing, for about twenty minutes, when I saw a sight I can never resist.

All her fierceness and defiance had left her; her face was white, her eyes were downcast, her hands hung listlessly at her sides.