Lists [noun]

Definition of Lists:

record, tabulation

Synonyms of Lists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lists:

Sentence/Example of Lists:

The usual monthly lists of accessions have been sent out during the recess.

One of the leading manufacturers in New York already prints his price lists on asbestos paper.

He was still on the probation lists, but I could see that he had the making of a fine cop in him.

Iftikhar bowed his head,—in no very good grace, it seemed,—and cantered sulkily to the upper end of the lists.

It is absent from the next grant for livery and from the actors lists for various plays which are assigned to 1619 or 1620.

Din unspeakable rang along the lists, as the two swung back to their stations.

They brought new lances to the knights, and, while both waited for breath, Bernier came down the lists with his master's message.

Here, we have made out lists of what we want, and the different ways in which the things are to be sent in.

The foraging party were now provided with their lists, and with certain sums to pay for the things they were to get.

Gibbon speaks as if he were a member; but his name does not occur in the lists of the club.