Litanies [noun]

Definition of Litanies:

recital of items, often part of religious services

Synonyms of Litanies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Litanies:


Sentence/Example of Litanies:

The audit from the safety commission, an independent agency Congress created two years ago to oversee Metrorail safety after a litany of problems, had wide-ranging effects.

Between the Q4 rush, the abbreviated weeks due to bank holidays, and having to juggle a litany of “real world” holiday prep, the holidays for people like you and me often leave us feeling like we have more work than there are hours in the day.

I put it through a litany of tests on resource-hungry apps with advanced graphics and lots of on-screen action, and it didn’t flinch.

“Our strength is in solidarity,” they say in the video, which also has English subtitles, and which features a litany of tech industry workers, many of whom say that state harassment could lead to the destruction of the tech industry in Belarus.

The Sydney-based outfit started in 1975 and quickly accrued a litany of world firsts—first commercial cycling trips in China, first commercial descent of Tasmania’s Franklin River, first group treks in Mongolia.

If you can stand a few hours of talk from an old smacksman you may hear a sombre litany of horror.

The invocation, "Queen conceived without the stain of original sin," was added to the Litany of Loreto.

"Happen he gi' him both, and throwed in th' Litany," shouted another.

And she whispered back: "They will pray for those that travel by water in the Litany."

He then repeated a portion of the Litany of the Episcopal church, with apparent fervor.