Literally [adverb]

Definition of Literally:

word for word; exactly

Opposite/Antonyms of Literally:

Sentence/Example of Literally:

It was so easy to target and literally harass our community.

Officials seldom step in to stop a fight unless one participant is being pounded into a vegetable or until the fighters bring the action literally down to the ice.

It’s going to literally take years to see the effects of this time on the industry.

Google’s latest announcement took the weight off nofollow links—quite literally.

It not only represents another way to improve UX and conversions but literally shows us what’s missing in our content strategy and product range.

Rebuild the whole platform When you run a digital publishing platform of this size, literally every second matter to a huge extent.

The team then sat back and watched their designs come to life, literally.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of questions that Quora ranks for on the first page of Google.

Like the one of Tret Andrew who is literally sharing his day’s updates with the followers connecting with them after every few hours.

So the same way that a bar has a last call, they flash the lights or you literally say, “last call.”