Literati [noun]

Definition of Literati:

teachers in educational institution

Synonyms of Literati:

Opposite/Antonyms of Literati:

Sentence/Example of Literati:

He had an extensive acquaintance with literati and politicians, which he sedulously cultivated.

He had a handsome office, and the literati, local and visiting, used to gather there.

These questions I heard proposed in a company of literati, when I inquired concerning this design of Warton.

He sought the acquaintance of the brilliant and the learned, presiding over a côterie of painters, sculptors, and literati.

Thomas--Kempis was but the forerunner of a race of distinguished literati.

In short, English literature and English literati are at present very hospitably treated in France.

This was the arrangement at Man's and others favored by the wits, the literati, and "men of fashionable instincts."

Whatever may be the character and rank of its advocates, in this country they compose but a small part, even of the literati.

He supped at half-past nine with his favorite literati, and at twelve the king went to bed.

Far from being fanatical, the temper of these literati savours somewhat of a much later indifferentism.