Litheness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Litheness:

He was saved from being grotesque, however, by a certain care-free grace, a litheness of movement.

His steps nearly matched Bobs for litheness while his big fingers handled the cue almost daintily.

She was young, hardly more than twenty, St. George fancied, and of the peculiar litheness which needs no motion to be manifest.

The game went on all day long, but no man had either strength or litheness of limb to cope with Kjartan.

The small litheness of her body molded into his and his hands stroked her breasts beneath the filmy cloth that covered them.

The ill-cut garb she could afford added greatly to her staid appearance, obscuring a certain full-bodied litheness.

Only the dark alertness of his eyes and the litheness of his actions bespoke his primitive upbringing.

He lifted her up the steep ways he had seen her climb with the litheness of a squirrel.

As he swung over the rail and stepped on deck a hint of catlike litheness showed in the apparently heavy body.

His fingers trembled at the litheness of the flesh under her clothes.