Lithesome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lithesome:

She wore a gown of shimmering white which clung to her lithesome figure in soft folds.

She was about sixty, rather undersized, and very thin, but more lithesome in her movements than is common at that age.

The lithesome maiden stood thrice-fair, Her eyes like gems agleam!

I would trim myself down to more lithesome proportions and I would start the job right away.

Out of the wonderful nowhere, Into the lowly here; Laughing and loving and lithesome, And radiating cheer.

Her drawings were replete with lithesome curves; so, too, was her literary style.

The children are fresh and rosy, the old men lithesome and erect in their walk.

He was as lithesome as an Indian, and could outdo him in some physical efforts and endurance.

The long, yellow wave curled inwards from both flanks, the men going forward with quick, lithesome steps.

He saw another trading Post, and a fair, lithesome form walking up the trail, and humming catches of an old song.