Lithographs [noun]

Definition of Lithographs:

publication; something impressed

Synonyms of Lithographs:

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Sentence/Example of Lithographs:

Youre a fine lithograph of ambition, you are—wallowing around like a lot of yellow dogs.

I got up at three o'clock in the morning, and devoted an hour either to copying music or colouring some large lithograph.

The lithograph had been tacked up only the day before, but by this time half the boys in the neighboring country had examined it.

His reason for rejecting the etching in colour is as simple and rational as his reason for making the lithograph in colour.

We lunched—badly—and he was bored with the church, though he had brought lithograph paper and colours to make a sketch of it.

Mr. Howells, once or twice, came with his son and his daughter, of whom Whistler made a lithograph.

The plate is next "rolled up" with a lithograph roller which distributes a thin coating of etching ink over the entire surface.

It contained a lithograph in stereo of some scene in Yellowstone other than Old Faithful blowing its stack.

The head only was reproduced in a lithograph in Klbers atelier, and has been widely copied.

But a lake, even the prettiest, does not rise above the effects of a chromo-lithograph.