Litigants [noun]

Definition of Litigants:

person with whom one competes

Synonyms of Litigants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Litigants:

Sentence/Example of Litigants:

It is highly unusual for a judge to call a litigant in a proceeding directly.

The court simply held the County to the same standard as any other litigant.

He had his share of brabbling with intricate litigant neighbors; quarrels now and then not to be settled without strokes.

He would frequently, against his own interest, persuade a litigant of the injustice of his case, and induce him to throw it up.

The worst cause cannot be so prejudicial to the litigant, as his advocate's or attorney's ignorance or neglect of these forms.

If the poor litigant succeeds in his proceedings, the unsuccessful party pays the costs.

No counsel was, therefore, at hand to be employed in the defense of a prisoner or litigant.

The man who becomes a client in the sense of litigant is an exception.

He then delivered his decision in about five minutes, the successful litigant going off lullilooing.

Thus, though each litigant loses, each is compensated for his loss.