Littered [verb]

Definition of Littered:

make a mess

Synonyms of Littered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Littered:

Sentence/Example of Littered:

Interest in outdoor recreation is at an all-time high in British Columbia, leading to crowds, litter, braided trails, and unnecessary searches and rescues.

According to street lore, their mother died the night they were born and only three of the litter survived.

The firm manages animals selected to be the healthiest and fastest growing, and to have the largest litters.

Beach runners might be tempted to go barefoot, but stray rocks, shells, and other forms of litter and debris can wreak havoc on your feet, so it’s in your best interest to keep them covered.

These worms can reduce a forest’s leaf litter by 95 percent in a single season, he’s found.

But a doctor Faustus, in his cell littered with books and instruments of alchemy, would love always to have a cat for a companion.

The floor was littered with paper and proofs; on the desk a slip of galley proof lay.

A lamp burned in the kitchen, showing a dirty brick floor and a littered table—such a house as men keep, untidy and unhomelike.

She raised her eyes, still with the same strange yet flaming quiet, from the littered floor to his face.

And at that time Nona came from the cabin, and called me, looking wonderingly at the arrows that littered the deck at her feet.