Liturgical [adjective]

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There is also some difference in certain religious ceremonies, and in certain liturgical formulas.

He studied their art of Hebrew versification, and wrote liturgical prayers and secular poems in a metrical form.

The fact that worship was chiefly liturgical in this period and hymns were therefore liturgical appears an inevitable conclusion.

Among ancient liturgical hymns the Te deum should be mentioned.

But how much has our average non-liturgical service to offer to their critically trained perceptions?

The period of initiation is short and is occupied by learning to perform on the drum and reciting liturgical phrases.

They are non-liturgical days (with one possible exception, the Feast of Annunciation).

Hence we are not surprised to find in these two Epistles fragments of what appear to be primitive liturgical forms.

With such surroundings liturgical books could not have existed without sharing in the universal luxury of enrichment.

The women then retire to the house, and the chief lama recites liturgical passages from the formularies.