Liturgy [noun]

Definition of Liturgy:

worship, ceremony

Synonyms of Liturgy:

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Sentence/Example of Liturgy:

The name "Common Prayer," which was given to the new Liturgy, marked its real import.

It was his voice that men heard and still hear in the accents of the English Liturgy.

The royal supremacy was re-established: the Mass abolished: the English Liturgy restored.

The enforced union in Prussia was combined with the publication of a new liturgy intended for common use.

But one verse was sung; then followed a short prayer from the church liturgy, after which the lesson began.

Several couples are married at the same time, but they have the full liturgy and the marriage sermon.

The way of the new liturgy was effectually blocked by the Erse language, and no missionary effort appears to have been made.

It is not the worship of this one, but the worship of a thousand distilled at last to one delicate liturgy.

We express and partake of that oneness in the services of the Church, especially in the Divine Liturgy.

The church of Cranmer is not at ease until it has formed for itself a new liturgy.