Livelier [adjective]

Definition of Livelier:

energetic, active, busy

Opposite/Antonyms of Livelier:

Sentence/Example of Livelier:

And to tell the truth, she couldn't help wishing he could see, so he could make the game livelier.

He had, in truth, a great deal to answer for, and enough to make a livelier man than he dissatisfied and wretched.

Thus they soon learn to read with due regard to expression, and therefore take a livelier interest in the subject-matter.

Although this was an absolutely false report, all the old stories were brought up again and the talk became livelier than ever.

Twinkleheels often wished that he might have someone for his nearest neighbor that was a bit livelier than Ebenezer.

The life which puts those ‘livelier sides of life’ you were just quoting into a dull, drab groove of monotony.

Aminta promised herself to show the friend a livelier affection at their next meeting.

Here, therefore, I seek but to bring back to your memory what livelier sensations have inadvertently driven from it.

As to the Markis, well, 'e's a bit older, but dashed if 'e don't move livelier—when 'e is on the shift.

Yet as compared with them he undoubtedly had a livelier imagination, and things made a keener impression on his mind.