Livelong [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Livelong:

Small wonder, when hundreds and hundreds wrought the livelong day one half in icy water, the other half dripping with sweat.

And thereupon they passed their time right joyously together, drinking and hunting the livelong day.

Young and old, and the women in particular, were quite bewitched by these ballads, which might be heard the livelong day.

Many a time did he lie down at night without having tasted food during the whole livelong day.

Father is pretty well, and I have not a single excuse for discontent through the livelong day.

Terrors shall bow thee down the livelong day, in the Jotuns' courts.

But during those "livelong summer days" the poet's passion was not utterly voiceless.

We should surely reach water as soon by keeping forward; and with this thought we travelled on through all the livelong night.

He has a first-rate organ, and nobody hinders him from sitting on the corner and grinding it the livelong day, if it pleases him.

Nevertheless, after going over the subject in his mind the livelong day, he was rather weary of it and wished it over with.