Liven [verb]

Definition of Liven:

make faster; invigorate

Synonyms of Liven:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liven:

Sentence/Example of Liven:

A game with multiplayer options, quick rounds, or teams can liven up an after-dinner activity.

Some tours are billed as fun ways to liven up a family online get-together.

Loeb livened it up with stories about business people and their companies and introduced more photos and graphics.

Casual anecdotes were sprinkled through his explanations to liven them.

All we needed was a beautiful young person like you to liven us up.

Sam, in his brother's absence, concluded to edit the paper in a way that would liven up the circulation.

Who would hab thought dat a little slap of the hat could liven him up so?

But she, Helen, would come home and that would liven up things a bit.

The pen of no liven Orthur could describe that disfortnit young man's sittywation more clearer.

Oh, I just wanted to liven it up a bit, answered Rindgely, grinning.