Livery [noun]

Definition of Livery:

matching top and bottom clothing

Synonyms of Livery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Livery:



Sentence/Example of Livery:

Some popular professional groups that instituted the use of work uniforms include postmen, miners, and livery servants.

A tall phantom in livery appeared, as if by magic, and signed to me to ascend the grand staircase.

He went blindly down the street, turned at the corner and sought a quiet place, a livery barn.

Her gentle summons was answered by a tall powdered footman in blue and silver livery.

Sir William was arrested at Berwick, with 360 squires in his livery (says Barbour), to say nothing of 'joly' knights.

To manure made in livery stables a different rule applies and the tenant can remove it.

The first person who used a jinrikisha in Manila, with Chinese in livery, was a European consul.

She hired a rig of a livery-stable keeper, who said he could not possibly take her beyond the Indian agency.

Marius's was the body they had borne to Condillac—those men in the livery of her stepson.

She found a livery-stable, and asked the proprietor, lounging in the entrance, if he could send her to the foot of her bluff.