Lives [noun]

Definition of Lives:

animation, spirit

Synonyms of Lives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lives:

Sentence/Example of Lives:

Big Reginald took their lives at pool, and pocketed their half-crowns in an easy genial way, which almost made losing a pleasure.

All felt strangely as if something evil had crept into their lives, and their excitement was great.

The fight lasted two days, and only two men out of the five hundred escaped with their lives.

Men's lives are as thoroughly blended with each other as the air they breathe: evil spreads as necessarily as disease.

They tobogganed down hills without a brake at the imminent peril of their lives.

Until very recently little has been known of the strange land in which the subject of this tale lives.

It was a very dangerous one, too, and sometimes lives were sacrificed in his efforts to capture or to kill this fierce wild beast.

Three men were sentenced to grow potatoes at Botany Bay the rest of their lives.

A fourth lives upon rent, dozing in his chair, and neither toils nor spins.

Thousands of lives were lost, and property to an incalculable extent was destroyed.