Livestock [noun]

Definition of Livestock:

animals raised on a farm

Synonyms of Livestock:

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Sentence/Example of Livestock:

On farms, connectivity can help with managing equipment, monitoring livestock, and analyzing water usage to optimize plant growth.

Farmers wonder whether red wolves are dangerous to livestock.

Rural people in his region once controlled destructive fires by starting or allowing frequent, low-intensity fires, and using livestock to eat down brush in the interim.

The single biggest predictor of spillover events is land-use change—more land going to agriculture and more specifically to livestock production.

Investors who bought llamas and alpacas as livestock didn’t fare so well, as there wasn’t much of a US market for their milk or wool.

The new process sped up production and allowed the company to move its plants from cities into rural areas where livestock was plentiful and unions were scarce.

Agricultural greenhouses along with livestock farms support the city’s inhabitants and supplement local populations.

Farmers can wire their fields with internet-enabled sensors, monitor their crops and livestock with agricultural drones, or manage inventory using a blockchain.

Activists will criticize them as enabling intensive livestock farming, and it’s true that many genetic innovations were devised to solve problems created by crowding animals together, like disease.

Where raising livestock for fibers is not sustainable, soil erosion and loss of habitats may occur.