Livid [adjective]

Definition of Livid:

pale, ashen

Synonyms of Livid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Livid:

Sentence/Example of Livid:

She thought about her research and was suddenly, absolutely livid.

Harden was bound to be livid once General Manager Daryl Morey departed, D’Antoni wasn’t re-signed and Russell Westbrook was traded, and dealing with an upset superstar is one of the toughest jobs in the league.

He was livid that the process had been this difficult to navigate, and he was worried about his friends in dialysis, many of whom didn’t have a high school education.

She pointed hastily to some livid bruises upon her neck and arms, and continued with great rapidity.

For a moment Colonel Jennison was too astonished to speak; then his face turned livid with passion.

She watched the colour fade from his cheeks, and the ugly, livid hue that spread in its room to his very lips.

It is pleasant to look at the smiling, cheerful old Beguine, and think no more of yonder livid face.

Crushed by that bolt from the blue, Richard sat as if stunned, the flush receding from his face until his very lips were livid.

"It is as I would wish," said he, but his livid face and staring eyes belied the valour of his words.

Then the day broke like two horses of livid light rushing through the air.