Lizards [noun]

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tote for carrying personal items

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They are more likely to bite lizards called skinks, which are poor transmitters of the bacteria, researchers report January 28 in PLOS Biology.

At night, the lizards retreat upward, gripping blades of grass or other plants for safety.

The animal was a mosasaur, an extinct, marine reptile related to snakes and monitor lizards.

In 1971, paleontologist Robert Bakker argued for a landbound dinosaur, based on the resemblance of its nostrils to those of terrestrial lizards.

Until recently, it wasn’t clear where monitor lizards lay their eggs.

In contrast, a lizard can always find a patch of shaded forest where the temperature is significantly lower than one where direct sunlight hits.

After the coldest night in south Florida in a decade, lizards were dropping out of palm trees, landing legs up.

A new study suggests that such hurricanes helped lizards evolve traits that allow them to hang tight.

In an e-mail to Science News, O’Connor concedes Oculudentavis probably was a lizard, but she maintains the animal is an important discovery.

O’Connor now concedes Oculudentavis, too, was probably a lizard, albeit “a really weird animal.”