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Loading times are important for UX and SEO, so make sure that you reduce your site’s image file sizes to ensure that you have a fast loading site.

You might find references to render-blocking scripts for you to evaluate and image loading events where you might discover the opportunity to compress or resize them.

Lazy loading is a common technique for speeding up the initial load of any given page.

Officials have also abandoned plans to relocate the loading dock to expand the garden behind the Castle and the seismic protection that would have placed the historic structure on a shock-absorbing dish.

We’ve already touched upon image compression as a way of providing an optimal loading experience.

Trackers can also have a significantly negative impact on page loading times, as sites that have a lot of them give your browser a heavier workload.

When it comes to loading, the Series X and S run basically even.

When it comes to loading, the Series S and X run basically even.

In 2017, Google’s PAA box gained dynamic loading, enabling the number of questions shown to the user to grow beyond the initial three or four.

The purpose of this strategy is, since page loading times affect Google rankings, text-based landing pages load with speed, increasing the user experience.