Loads [noun]

Definition of Loads:

cargo, freight

Synonyms of Loads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loads:

Sentence/Example of Loads:

Going back, found that the lighter loads of wounded already taken off have by no means cleared the beach.

In their attacks upon one another loads are forgotten and often seriously damaged.

The men brought trophies and the women brought heavy loads of meat.

But the men returned with many trophies and the women brought heavy loads of meat.

He and I went through many distant places in India with camel caravans, carrying loads of silver and gold, spices and fruits.

He drew loads of boards from the saw-mill, and loads of crockery from the various village stores.

They returned six days later, footsore and lame, with loads of from fifty to eighty pounds.

This bridge has now been replaced by a stronger bridge to carry the greater loads imposed by modern traffic.

Fig. 36 gives the loads per axle and the distribution of loads in some exceptionally heavy modern British locomotives.

If the loads on the right of the section are considered the expressions are similar and give the same results.