Loafer [noun]

Definition of Loafer:

person who is idle, lazy

Synonyms of Loafer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loafer:

Sentence/Example of Loafer:

I am still a Loafer; Jim is a most estimable member of the gentlest society; and this is how it all came about.

He was unhurt, but he moved with shuffling steps, much like a tavern-loafer soggy from rum.

"Some lazy loafer reading a penny dreadful," I thought, glancing at him, then at the title of his book.

Down here with a lump of rabbit's brains, you abominable little loafer.

But how could he get work—he, a mere street loafer, and as lonely in London as if it had been a desert.

Idle hours work demoralization and the ever-present example of the village loafer is not good.

Here, take that money from him and give it to the man that can do most with it, and take this useless loafer out of my sight.'

The saloon loafer had been shot in the groin, and pending his injuries indictment was waived.

Well, she knew Jimmy was not a loafer; after the cayuse kicked his leg he carried her heavy pack to the ranch.

But I read the hypocrite's meaning between his words; he is a lazy loafer and loves to lie and snooze in the morning.