Loaned [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Loaned:

A pupil had loaned money to a horse-dealer who lived at No. 715 of a certain street.

They could all be run back in a fast cruiser and would only be loaned to us for three weeks or a month.

Formerly bank directors loaned the money of their bank; this was their most important duty.

I loaned thee three hundred; but on account of thy affliction I would pay thee more than I would another man.

A friendly baron loaned bloodhounds; but which of the many trails was Zeyneb's who might say?

Hear him tell it, he set Barnum up in business and loaned the Ringling boys their first money.

They loaned money to individuals, too, though at Rome money lending was discreditable.

The book was the volume of Keats he had given her—which had been loaned to Loretta before June went away.

The horse that had been loaned to them was a speedy animal and they made good time despite the muddiness of the road.

Monthly payments are made by share holders and money loaned on real-estate.