Loathe [verb]

Definition of Loathe:

dislike strongly

Synonyms of Loathe:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loathe:

Sentence/Example of Loathe:

To make it big, Ron and Russell had to change their band’s name—an early manager, knowing how much they loved the Marx Brothers, suggested The Sparks Brothers, a name they loathed and successfully shortened.

But deep in her heart she would loathe him, as only women can hate for a failing they never forgive.

I began to loathe the food, and the horrible cruelty to the women frequently sickened me.

You don't seem to realise what an utter beast he's been, and how we all loathe him for treating you—yes, you—like this.

I hate him—I hate him as much as I loathe myself for ever condescending to follow him.

I shall begin to hate my books and to loathe my little cabin.

He had said something to her during that walk, you may be sure, which had made her loathe him.

"Of course, you loathe being dragged out this way," she said, cutting in.

We loathe what none are left to share; / Even bless 'twere woe alone to bear.

For men respect and yet loathe a fortunate man, and hate him for doing what, if they had the chance, they would do themselves.