Loathed [verb]

Definition of Loathed:

dislike strongly

Synonyms of Loathed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Loathed:

Sentence/Example of Loathed:

He falls in love with Sophia, the fiancee of a co-worker whom he loathes.

The aim of history class isn’t to get students to love or loathe their country.

The dramatic language, bolstered by damaging emails unearthed by investigators, paints Zuckerberg as Silicon Valley’s leading villain, one whom the public might be persuaded to loathe, as some already do.

Democrats loathed him and Republicans loved him, with independents leaning more toward the former.

Politicians loathe to prioritize as such, not just because it is difficult to do so but also because it deprives them of power.

He loathed himself for submitting to her cruelty, for it was intentional cruelty—she made him writhe and suffer of set purpose.

"Then I'll catch it," I said, laughing at his discomfiture, for I knew he loathed stirring porridge.

It is but simple justice to the poor youth to state that he loathed and abhorred himself in consequence.

What I actually did was to curse to myself at having to clean my teeth in bitterly cold water, something I have always loathed.

Michael loathed Garrod, and resented his persistent instructions, his offers to solve lingering physical perplexities.