Lobbed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lobbed:

Axander came back with a slow one that lobbed up to the plate looking as big as a balloon.

Joe lobbed one over and the Chinaman swung listlessly a foot below the ball.

He picked up a rock and lobbed it over a nearby boulder, then started moving cat-like in the other direction.

It was estimated roughly that 300 shells were lobbed into the town, and all passing over us on the way.

He told me these Flazel people were bad people, who had lobbed his father in the old days.

I kissed my sister, lobbed a novel on to my brother-in-law's back, and withdrew before he had time to retaliate.

A Bulwan shell, missing the top of Convent Hill, lobbed over and burst at random with its usual din and circumstance.

I took up a flat stone, about six inches square, and lobbed it on his coil.

The Lester-bot lobbed one to Perry-bot, but Perry-bot flubbed the toss.

Deftly the bomber lobbed another grenade fairly into the yawning cavity.