Lobbyist [noun]

Definition of Lobbyist:

special interest representative

Synonyms of Lobbyist:

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Sentence/Example of Lobbyist:

The Maryland Fraternal Order of Police has mounted a telephone and email campaign to oppose repealing the bill of rights and, with its local lodges, has hired top lobbyists Frank Boston, Gerard Evans and John Stierhoff to assist.

Bill Castelli, a lobbyist for Maryland Realtors, said he’s not against information to help property owners understand flood risks, but he is skeptical about where it comes from.

He also represented Paula Parkinson, an insurance lobbyist who claimed to have had affairs with members of Congress, amid a Justice Department inquiry in the early 1980s examining whether her alleged paramours had exchanged votes for sexual favors.

So across the country, lobbyists for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and medical practices were working the virtual corridors of power in the first weeks of the pandemic.

A lot of lawyers and lobbyists will earn their retirements from this one.

They’re really small business owners that aren’t politicians or lobbyists or used to engaging in the process.

Anyone who has held or run for political office, been employed by a campaign or officeholder, or who has been a registered lobbyist within the past five years will not be eligible to participate, nor will any of their close relatives.

This week, the nation’s most powerful business lobbyists joined forces to urge patience over the ballot counting following Election Day.

He later hired Brad Bailey, another top Treasury Department official, to work as one of the trade group’s lobbyists.

Corporations spend millions of dollars on political action committees, lobbyists, and campaigns each election cycle to ensure legislators will pass laws that are in their favor and derail ones that aren’t.