Lobes [noun]

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To prevent this mixing up of memories from taking place, the medial temporal lobe performs a computation that separates the two sequences.

Mice treated with the drug ended up with about 100 viruses in each lobe of the lung.

Rodents had about 100 viruses in each lung lobe after taking remdesivir.

With nervous children the lobe of the ear is preferable, as it prevents their seeing what is being done.

The blood is obtained from the finger-tip or the lobe of the ear, as for a blood count; only a very small drop is required.

A diamond winked at him from the lobe of the little ear, like a star among silvery clouds.

She planted her foot on the swell of the neck tendon, and in seven leaps she made it to the lobe of the ear.

Earrings are common, but apparently the lobe of the ear is not unduly distended.

The normal digitalis flower has a large pendant purple corolla much spotted upon the middle lobe of the larger and lower lip.

Greg is a short man, but his brain is large, the anterior lobe very fine, and a moral region to correspond.