Lobsters [noun]

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Oysters and lobsters from the Atlantic coast have been planted in British Columbia waters.

I think he has a fisherman at Bratvold, who always brings him the finest lobsters that are to be got.

A little girl had gotten her mother to say that she would never again put lobsters into cold water and slowly boil them to death.

He might better have been in comic opera than in the humble occupation of selling crabs and lobsters.

The reproduction of several parts of lobsters, crabs, &c. is one of the greatest curiosities in natural history.

Hence it is that we frequently see lobsters, which have their two large legs unequal in all proportions.

Or, by rapidly bending down their powerful tails, Lobsters are able to shoot backwards through the water at a great pace.

Lobsters should be purchased alive and plunged into boiling water in which a good proportion of salt has been added.

They have also small hoop nets, in which they catch lobsters, and sea crayfish.

Yet no steps were taken to abate the nuisance, and men were catching lobsters as usual just off the shore.