Locale [noun]

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Casting directors also looked for actors in London, Germany, a theater in New York, and other locales.

This scattered reality will likely continue for the foreseeable future and have significant impacts on paid search performance that varies by locale and industry.

It’s easier being a host at a neutral locale than at a place you also have to safeguard.

Though scientists suspected that crocs long ago colonized one of the locales before journeying to the other, the fossil record hadn’t painted a clear picture of which came first.

Just as with any domestic SEO strategy, links are essential in building the authority of your website within a target locale.

The next tale, having a locale in Bonn, occurred at a time when priests married and had a family.

These letters are marked by purity of style, quaint picturesqueness, and an admirable couleur locale.

The locale of this story is in California, where a few socialists establish a little community.

That's quite a coincidence; remains to be seen whether the phenomena are limited to that locale or occur elsewhere.

A few days ago we visited the Picture Gallery in the Arena; the locale is the finest we ever beheld.