Localities [noun]

Definition of Localities:

physical setting

Synonyms of Localities:

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Sentence/Example of Localities:

The cost of extraction varies in different localities, depending mainly on the mass of barren rock to be encountered and removed.

Hilltops, groves, and especially clearings in groves (luci) are the most usual sacred localities.

But more characteristic than the erection of altars is the connection of deities with special localities.

Soon after large deposits of it were found in Ichaboe; and it has since been brought from many other localities.

Yet the business may become a nuisance when conducted in some localities, or in an improper manner.

When New Holland is added to these localities, it will appear that few minerals are more widely diffused.

The two localities concerned are in the Valley of the Rio Grande, and are only about five miles apart.

For this purpose there is used in most localities a small gauge held between the thumb and index fingers.

Several methods of bleaching buri straw obtain in various localities.

They attain a great age when properly managed, and, in healthy localities, sometimes breed till 20 years of age.