Localized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Localized:

The movement of the smallest part of the body appears to have its definite localized center in the cerebrum.

A few specially localized muscular sensations are also much discussed.

The remaining embers of the war had now become localized, and it was obvious that Spain was at her last gasp.

He definitely localized the image on his writing book of many years ago and read it off in his mind.

It was that country's domestic affair, and he hoped that the dispute would be localized.

Rates on wool to the highly localized markets of the world afford illustration of this second type of commodity rate problem.

Original and mighty poets express, at its highest, the mind of their time as it is localized on their own soil.

It is an ancient and widespread type of story, of which one version is localized at the Danish court.

This became localized to a spot no larger than a twenty-five cent piece.

But in the one it is too localized, and the other too much in anticipation.