Locals [noun]

Definition of Locals:

person deeply rooted in community

Synonyms of Locals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Locals:

Sentence/Example of Locals:

The dining room was for the souls of the locals, who could admire the desert more conveniently than find a good meal.

If you take them both away, the locals, whom you have been studiously antagonizing, will swamp whoever you leave behind.

They'll let down on a village, run the locals out, gather up what's around and bring it here.

They felt the culprits had deserved what they'd gotten; not for what they'd done to the locals, but for disobeying orders.

The locals who had been interrogated hadn't been in actual contact with Dunnan's people except in combat.

Rates to interior points progressively rise by the addition of locals inward toward the interior.

Whenever such sums of locals have given place to unbroken through rates, a large measure of satisfaction to shippers has resulted.

The latter is a competitive junction, to which rates are made on combination of locals.

The Journeymen Tailors and the Switchmen each had delegates from two locals.

Locals in eight states and in British Columbia were represented.