Locate [verb]

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The house is located in Riverhead, New York, an area on the north-east end of Long Island.

There may be problems located all over the site, while the reporting might only show a handful of those areas.

This can be a concern if your business is located near a closed business said Ben Fisher.

It should be located under either a thin two-meter covering of Martian soil and rock or a very porous material that’s a few meters thick.

Built-in Tile tech allows users to locate their buds in case they get misplaced, and their one-touch controls let users change EQ modes, navigate playlists, and more with minimal effort.

The group focused on a smaller pool of victims predominantly located in Turkey, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Without the transceiver, it is possible the skier’s body may not have been located until the snow completely melted in the spring.

It’s not a spoiler to disclose that Katz’s son eventually locates his birth mother.

The Mackinac Center is located in Michigan, Betsy DeVos’s home state.

He told me that the address Jensen provided is located in District 1 and Jensen is registered to vote at that address.