Locates [verb]

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If your cats that you so foolishly brought on board the Bertha delay us so much that the Kastil locates us.

Now a merchant needs astronomy to see them, and when he locates them they are out somewhere near the fifth decimal place.

Through his sense of hearing he sub-consciously locates the faults in the pupil's tone-production.

The pause indicates the stay of attention; the touch locates or affirms the centre of concentration.

It probes around more or less hit-or-miss until it locates something, somewhere, that looks habitable.

The Blackcap locates her nest amongst nettles and brambles, generally near the ground, but not resting upon it.

One claims that the musical tones are formed in the head, while another locates them in the throat.

From the side of means, it locates and condemns materialism and predeterminism: what is sometimes called mechanism.

The intelligent merchant locates his business on the street of largest travel and makes the buying of his goods his best salesman.

All this agrees fairly well with the Mullah's account of ladders and precipices, and locates the route without much doubt.