Locating [noun]

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This phrase describes the locating of the college, and is therefore a relation by Concurrence.

Locating it would have been comparable to stumbling upon a solitary blade of grass, imbedded in ice at the South Pole.

Meanwhile the man of the dressing room was busy locating Mr. Cordyce of the Cordyce Mills.

In replacing the drip pan of an ice box or refrigerator it is often necessary to bend over in locating it under the drip pipe.

After locating your beds, decide what kind of flower you will have in each one.

See explanation of system of locating points in Part I, Chap.

An essential part of good forest protection is the work of locating and reporting evidences of insect depredations.

Fifteen or twenty minutes were used by the fugitives, as they may be considered, in "locating" themselves.

I was studying the stars, locating the constellations with a little book of star-maps I possessed.

That an ellipse may be given any required proportion of width to length by locating the foci at the requisite distance apart.