Locations [noun]

Definition of Locations:

place of residence or activity

Synonyms of Locations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Locations:


Sentence/Example of Locations:

The locations of the players are designated by holes bored part way in the wood with an expansive bit.

He bought a house on Meir Square, one of the noted locations in Antwerp.

Such locations should be cheap to the grape-grower at any price.

But at least a dozen screens were mounted at convenient locations.

Here they are distributed in a series of district locations, amid the dales and fastnesses of the eastern frontier.

A site was chosen, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, one of the most charming locations which could have been found.

They studied the locations of police stations and hospitals, of passenger stations and freight depots.

When your mother and I considered locations near we found nothing suitable.

This coast appears to have locations very suitable for missions, although I examined them only from a distance.

It is the first bibliography, as far as I know, to give systematically the locations of the books cited.