Loch [noun]

Definition of Loch:

arm of the sea

Synonyms of Loch:

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Sentence/Example of Loch:

Further south the coasts close in abruptly, and the straits are like a long Highland loch.

This little manœuvre of his would be repeated many times, till a long clear whistle was heard from the road by the loch.

In the north-west of Scotland there is a very pretty loch which runs far up into the land.

It was a long row to the head of the loch, and a long walk to reach the cottage where Sandy Johnston lay dying.

Thirty guineas on the seaside, or sixty if ye set me on the Linnhe Loch.

Looking out between the trees we could see a great side of mountain, running down exceeding steep into the waters of the loch.

“Ye had better let me take your pack,” said he, for perhaps the ninth time since we had parted from the scout beside Loch Rannoch.

In Celtic folk tales high tides and valley floods are accounted for by the presence of a "great beast" in sea, loch, or river.

The only loch known to me where the common trout are of equal size, is on the Border.

The flies commonly used are larger than what are employed in Loch Leven.