Locked [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Locked:

But he put her gently by, saying, "I would rather be here, good Marda;" and went in and locked the door.

Mr. Collingwood, taking the key from his mother, locked the little door in the boarding, after them.

There was only one obstacle to his walking quietly and comfortably away, which was that the door was locked and the key gone.

It was locked there so firmly that a score of men had to labor for hours next day ere it could be cleared.

Till now they had never been separated; is it to be wondered at, then, that she locked herself up with the treasure?

“Let no one in,” said Longcluse sternly to the man, who locked the iron gate on their passing out.

Such skulls are locked up in many gentlemen's hearts and memories.

"And it is difficult to find the way out now, for all the doors are locked," laughed another loudly.

He locked the door as he spoke, and then, striding forward in a towering rage, threatened vengeance on the intruder.

And he jerked his thumb towards the tower where mademoiselle was a captive, and where at night "Battista" was locked in with her.