Lockout [noun]

Definition of Lockout:

halt, curtailment

Synonyms of Lockout:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lockout:

Sentence/Example of Lockout:

To attain their end these associations made liberal use of the lockout, the blacklist, and armed guards and detectives.

There is nothing legally or morally wrong in a strike or lockout when properly conducted.

The strike and the lockout become potential, but they impend as possibilities and do their work.

The bricklayers attempted to hold a meeting at Greenebaum's hall Friday night to discuss what they termed "the bosses' lockout."

He was sure the lockout would not last long, because there was so much disaffection among the bosses.

All brick manufactured up to date of said strike or lockout shall be cared for by the men before abandoning their work.

No strike or no lockout can succeed with us that hasn't that tremendous weapon, public opinion, behind it.

This lockout is the turning point in the history of trade unionism in England.

It is said that if the workers lose the right to strike, the employers lose the right to lockout.

It has been customary to set the lockout over against the strike as being of equal importance, but this is not the truth.