Lockup [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lockup:

He hasn’t exercised any of his options and his shares are subject to a lockup period that ends in March.

Direct listings also tend to have no lockup period, or multi-day investor roadshows used to price the stock.

Unlike a traditional initial public offering, no new money is raised in a direct listing, which usually sees existing investors start selling their stock as soon as trading starts with no lockup period.

In accordance therewith a lockup was provided and cells built under the market.

Her most anxious thoughts concerned the means of getting money to lockup Harry's tongue.

If I see you around here when any more tests are going on Ill take you to the lockup myself.

Been in some other lockup, I suppose, since we saw you last?

The policeman led his prisoner away to the lockup, while all the rest of us followed up the search for half an hour.

After consulting with Mr. Parker, officers agreed to take Highland and Winkey to the monastery enroute to the lockup.

If the police arrest them, he knocks them down, is taken to the lockup, and joyfully foots the bills.