Locomotive [noun]

Definition of Locomotive:

machine moving vehicle

Synonyms of Locomotive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Locomotive:


Sentence/Example of Locomotive:

There they were attached to locomotives that took them south to Washington.

He says he thinks about the rollout as the functional equivalent of starting a locomotive that’s sitting on the tracks.

The steamboat of 1809 and the steam locomotive of 1830 were the direct result of what had gone before.

The south tunnel in New Street was blocked April 18, 1877, by a locomotive turning over.

Now for the second time the old man and the locomotive regarded each other.

In the innermost, Atock, our locomotive engineer, and I chummed together.

In others the arms may have been the chief locomotive organs and the feet have given steadiness.

In front of him the great locomotive snorted up the climbing track, hurling clouds of sparks aloft.

In the meanwhile, a mountain locomotive and a train of flat cars came clanking into the station where Weston waited.

Not far behind we heard the scream of a locomotive bearing down upon us at lightning speed.