Lodged [verb]

Definition of Lodged:

become fixed or wedged

Synonyms of Lodged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lodged:

Sentence/Example of Lodged:

He lodged 30 years in one gloomy apartment, which was never lighted up with coal, candle, or the countenance of a visitant.

A man of the name of Parsons kept the house, and in which lodged a gentleman and his wife of the name of Kempe.

In this quarter, the chief riches of the place are lodged, and that is the point most easily defended.

The thread was lodged in the perforated part, and consequently left in contact with the cellular membrane.

I was lodged with Indian luxury, having a drawing-room, a bed-room, and a bath-room especially assigned to me.

The male patients are lodged in one house, the females and children in a second, while the lunatics are confined in the third.

An idea once lodged in his brain was apt to stay, and Eliza Ann had taken too strong a hold upon his senses to be easily removed.

As he did so a folded sheet of foolscap, which had been lodged between the drawer and the side of the desk, fell to the floor.

And Jonathan came to meet the king at Joppe with glory, and they saluted one another, and they lodged there.

It went through my thigh, a 38 caliber bullet, an' lodged under the skin on the other side.