Lodgments [noun]

Definition of Lodgments:

accommodation for rent

Synonyms of Lodgments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lodgments:


Sentence/Example of Lodgments:

A good sermon on the Vanity of Riches found lodgment in my ears, and then the supreme moment came.

This resulted in giving to the enemy a secret lodgment on the north side of the James, and a position very menacing to Richmond.

The first to mount a breach, to effect a lodgment in an outwork, to enter a newly discovered mine, was sure to perish.

I saw your wraith choose out its last lodgment on Halloween; I know the spot.

Whole Archbishop killed houses and blocks in which the insurgents had found a lodgment had to be demolished.

Nature and love easily find lodgment in a sensitive heart, and have no power over a cold and selfish one.

The huts are not all in one place, but dispersed wherever they have found a place level enough for a lodgment.

A couch of straw had been the lonely shepherd's bed—and later the lodgment of his enemy, the wolf.

I live entirely upon the insects which have already formed a lodgment in the distempered tree.

Truth told, the Hunts lodgment in his palace must have been a terrible infliction to the sensitive Byron.