Loess [noun]

Definition of Loess:

workable earth material

Synonyms of Loess:

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Sentence/Example of Loess:

Benches cut out of the loess were found in both kitchen and sleeping-room.

When the loess soil was of fair depth cultivation may have gone on for many years without fertilizers of any sort.

They are situated by preference on the loess terraces of the streams and rivers, near enough to the water for boat communication.

They were a peaceful folk settling by preference, though not exclusively, in the loess districts, as at Grosgartach.

It is now generally agreed that all typical loess is wind blown.

The human bones found in the loess of the Rhine, near Colmar, were two fossilized fragments of the skull.

On both banks of the Meuse, at Maestricht (Hollerd) are terraces of gravel covered with loess.

The upper twenty feet consisted of loess and the lower forty feet of stratified gravel.

These bones were exhumed from a perpendicular cliff of solid loess, about five feet high.

In the alluvial plain into which the Schutter flows the the loess is two hundred feet thick.