Loftily [adverb]

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Now Domokos was again asking for help in translating lofty mathematical concepts into literal stone.

I wondered a month ago how pandemic winners like Zoom or Shopify could use their lofty stock valuations to snap up or invest in other companies.

That has resulted in some lofty predictions for the potential of hydrogen.

The result was a lofty number of 73 proteins necessary for coronaviruses to replicate themselves.

This platform is the big name in online writing apps and, while it’s easy to scoff at its lofty claims to “elevate your writing,” it is a complete suite of tools.

We have a lofty long-term goal of shifting fashion design standards so women expect stylish, beautiful products that are also high-functioning and comfortable.

If the main problem was that the country’s objectives were too lofty — especially in its economic aims — one might determine that such an offense is forgivable, and attribute it to a miscalculated forecast of progress possible in the given time span.

Take it all with a grain of silicaWhile Tesla has considerably ramped up its production lately—and enjoyed considerable financial success and market growth—Musk still has a history of lofty promises with underwhelming results.

Loftily pierce the tall white minarets into the quivering heavens, while the solemn cypress throws its shade below.

But he is a knight of great renown, and till you have won your spurs, do not bear yourself loftily.