Log [noun]

Definition of Log:

stump of tree

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Sentence/Example of Log:

These logs don’t contain the content the spyware extracted, like chats or emails—NSO insists it never sees specific intelligence—but do include metadata such as a list of all the phones the spyware tried to infect and their locations at the time.

If accounts conflict, NSO can demand logs that reveal targets.

Another reason to use a log scale is that it allows scientists to show data easily.

Filebeat will be needed to interpret your logs before you send them to Elasticsearch.

This approach harnesses the power of Elasticsearch to help create powerful visualizations using your log files.

You see, I stuck to him like a log to a root, but for the first week or so 'twant no use—not a bit.

Neither of us spoke again, and at length the squat log buildings of Pend d' Oreille loomed ahead of us in the night.

“There are no sahib-log in the town,” he said, for Malcolm deemed it advisable to begin by a question on that score.

In the centre was a log-house, larger and more pretentious than many log-houses which he had seen in the South.

Instead, he came to me and lifted to my knee one of those ponderous feet of his, and tried to pull me from my log.