Logarithm [adjective]

Definition of Logarithm:

concerning mathematics

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Sentence/Example of Logarithm:

FiveThirtyEight’s urbanization index is calculated as the natural logarithm of the average number of people living within a five-mile radius of a given resident.

This quantity is defined as the logarithm of a matrix — an array of numbers.

The new formula relies on the mathematical concept known as logarithms.

If the characteristic of a logarithm is negative, Oughtred indicates this fact by placing the - above the characteristic.

The logarithm of the number is then obtained by adding the previously calculated logarithms of the factors.

What is the probability that the fifth decimal of a logarithm taken at random from a table is a '9'?

We can calculate our logarithm without recourse to the table, but we do not wish to give ourselves the trouble.

In July, while at work on logarithm tables, he was overtaken by a sudden fainting fit, evidently of an epileptic nature.

As Fechner states it, 'Sensation varies, not as the stimulus, but as the logarithm of the stimulus.'

On this principle seamen would not be allowed to use logarithm tables, because they cannot calculate logarithms.