Logarithmic [adjective]

Definition of Logarithmic:

concerning mathematics

Synonyms of Logarithmic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Logarithmic:

Sentence/Example of Logarithmic:

The amplitudes for power spectra are usually plotted in logarithmic coordinates because of the wide range in their values.

This scale is logarithmic, so there is a 10-fold difference in strength between each number.

Sixty seconds later the Brainchild began her long, logarithmic drop toward the surface of Eisberg.

Should logarithmic tables be withheld from him until the theoretical foundation is laid in the mind of the pupil?

Corresponding to any simple root of the denominator there is a logarithmic term in the integral.

To have done with this part of our subject, here is another property of the logarithmic spiral.

Unrelated to the appendix-lacking, corkscrew-twirling Worm, she is nevertheless familiar with the logarithmic spiral.

Its extremity will not leave the plane and will describe a logarithmic spiral within it.

He improved the differential calculus, solved the isoperimetrical problem and discovered the properties of the logarithmic spiral.

There are graduations on three sides of the rulers, one graduation being the logarithmic line of numbers.